The Troubadours   


It’s not everyday you come across a band that can burst into any room, in any country, full of unsuspecting diners and cause an immediate flurry of excitement… but somehow these guys do it, every time, and in style

The Troubadours pride themselves on their simple approach when it comes to showing people a wonderful time. They have no need for a stage, sound system or lights. It’s just them, an acoustic & electric guitar, a double bass and a miniature customised drum kit.

Currently based on the French Riviera, they perform a diverse mix of popular music and hits from around the world ... which is hardly surprising when you consider the group is a merging of English, Mexican & Brazilian all living on the French Riviera.

The Troubadours perform energetic, original renditions of the world’s most well-loved songs. They can sing in several languages and they and are available for private events of all kinds anywhere in the world.

They can perform as a 4 piece male band, or accompanied by a talented Irish female singer.


The Troubadours