The Age Of The Maestro


Booking musical entertainment has never been easier. We live in an age of Google, YouTube, MySpace and endless on-line entertainment directories. Yet despite that polished video and pristine audio tracks, the dangers of arranging your own entertainment have never been greater. The importance of expert advice and the personal touch is essential.

How many times have you seen a DJ miss the vibe, a live band disappear into insignificance, a cabaret act drag on to long or worse still an entertainment programme sending out completely the wrong signals about the brand of a company??? This is not necessarily the fault of the performers. Often what is lacking is professional planning, sensible recommendations, and intelligent on-site management.

To say that every event is different is stating the obvious. Each event is made up of a complex mix of people and personalities of different ages, moods, nationalities and social backgrounds - all grouped together at a random venue for a specific purpose. It goes without saying that the music and entertainment programme has to reflect the purpose and profile of the event, so why do so many people leave this to chance?

And it's not just about booking the right entertainment, it's about making it work during the event itself. Making sure all artists arrive on-time in the right frame of mind should not even cross the mind of the host or organizer, but making sure that they adapt to different situations and circumstances on the night is just as important. The music is the pulse of the party, it can shape the mood and affect the dynamics of the event. If used creatively, it can master something magical - but left unattended it can become insignificant or worse still annoy and have a negative impact on the party.

A successful party needs a successful music programme, which is why Riviera Organisation has created the role of the “Maestro”. As the name suggests, the maestro is the master of his arts, carefully orchestrating the musical resources available to him to create one beautiful symphony - a truly unique party, personalized, meticulously prepared and constantly refreshed.

Don't book entertainment, without assigning a maestro to your project: one master who will guide you through the booking stage, selecting the right ingredients for you, preparing the perfect music programme and making sure this fits into the context of the event. This can include checking the material and the layout of the venue, co-ordinating with caterers, wedding planners or others with an important role of the event. The maestro will make sure all artists are fully briefed and will manage their performance on the night adapting to the event dynamics

It’s easy to make contact with your own personal Maestro ... and from then on you will be getting personal recommendations for your event and a guarantee that the entertainment will be a huge success.

Managing entertainment for better results