The Big Secret


A top MC will guide you through an evening of mystery and surprises, that includes music, video, live entertainment and interaction with the audience. Watch out.  When you least expect it … the big secret is finally revealed!

During the early evening/cocktail, a camera man will ask guests to reveal a secret, as well as a secret request. A short video clip will be presented later revealing the funniest secrets and the most unusual playlist.

The guests will be challenged to identify a secret personality. The MC will reveal clues throughout the course of the evening, and the first person to guess correctly will win a secret prize.

Guests will be also asked to nominate someone who has secret talent. No one knows who will be selected but “the secret guest star” will be revealed later on to perform a song “karaoke style”.

The music will be DJ based, playing an emphasis on “secret classics” – the songs that don’t get heard frequently. Guests would be invited to enter confessions of songs they secretly like, or nominate songs for friends.

The climax to the evening is the big secret itself, and the beauty is that it can be anything from a guest performer from the audience to an international superstar.


The Big Secret

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